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Jay Robert Watson is a Complete Environment Artist (CEA) based out of Charlotte, NC. As a CEA, Watson is able to curate an entire space - from paintings, to custom furniture, to lighting, and sculptures.

Watson’s work can be found internationally and throughout the Southeast in private collections, galleries, dimly lit bars, award-winning restaurants, and luxury apartment and hotel lobbies.

Watson has mastered various mediums to bring custom art into the lives and homes of those around him. By working with clients one-on-one, he's able to get a full picture of how to best personalize each individual's artistic vision. Watson works with clients every step of the way to meet their unique creative desires. 

Inquiries & Commissions: jay@jthemaker.com



With roots in Boston and Hilton Head, and years in Atlanta and Miami, his craft stems from a dream state of untouched urban landscapes while still highlighting the true feel of cities from around the world. While working in audio production in Atlanta for top-producing rap & hip-hop artists, Watson continued to develop as a virtual artist. His creative talent was recognized by an international curator who invited him to visit for four days at Art Basel in Miami. Moved by the energy and vibrancy of South Beach, it was four years before he left.

From there,  J THE MAKER was born.

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J AS FUCK is the concept behind all things wild, goofy, and out there when it comes to Watson's time in his art studio and spending time with loved ones. 


Caution Human (C:H) conceptualized in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement as well as the Covid-19 pandemic. Seeing how those around him were struggling to process emotions, the idea of a Tolerance Beacon (the internationally recognized traffic cone) came to mind.


C:H is now a not-for-profit seeking to raise awareness of approaching others with caution, understanding that while we may not all have the same beliefs, we all deserve to be treated with respect.