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Jay Robert Watson is a Complete Environment Artist (CEA) based out of Charlotte, NC. (explain CEA) You can find his work throughout Charlotte in private collections, dimly lit bars, award winning restaurants, luxury apartment lobbies, hotel walls, and galleries. His works are inspired by both the places he's lived and his international travels. With roots in Boston and Hilton Head, and years in Atlanta and Miami, his craft stems from a dream state of untouched urban landscapes while still highlighting the sights, sounds, and smells of cities from around the world.


While working in audio production in Atlanta for top producing rap & hip hop artists, Jay was invited to a four day art festival in Miami. Moved by the energy and vibrancy of South Beach- it was four years before he left. His work brought him into the lives of ________, _______, and ______.  Jay's passion is derived from mastering various mediums to bring custom art into the lives and homes of those around him. Whether it be a 3D cityscape, custom furniture, or a painting on canvas, Jay works with his clients every step of the way to meet both their creative and financial goals. He enjoys meeting one-on-one with each client to get a full picture of how to best personalize their artistic vision. 


Jay's work thrives on the magical experiences of others, which he allows to penetrate his subconscious and flow through his artistry. He uses a combination of creative application techniques which allow each of his cityscape paintings and sculptures to acquire a realistic feel, with a touch of fantasy.